About The Author

L. Scott Clark is the author of Path of the Phoenix, the first book in The Sorcerer’s Guide series. His latest release, Soul of Anesidora, is the second book in the series. He began writing this series just after finishing his graduate degree in Physician Assistant Studies. During college, his favorite three classes were medicine, creative writing, and French.

He does his best writing in a quiet and secluded office, hoping to have the least number of distractions. (Curse you Facebook, Instagram, and sports pages) He loves readings, traveling, sports, running, and spending time with his family outside of writing. His escape location is the beach!

L. Scott Clark continues to work in medicine and enjoys solving problems and helping those who struggle to help themselves. Much of his experience has been in Correctional Medicine, which has given him a unique perspective over the years. He lives with his family in Utah and enjoys the sunshine, snow, and stunning mountains.

You can visit him online at www.LScottClark.com or on Twitter (@LScottClark) or Instagram (@lscottclarkauthor)


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