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Author L. Scott Clark

My name is Logan Clark, but I write this YA Fantasy series under L. Scott Clark. I also have other pen names in books in different genres. (Far different than YA Fantasy) If you’re interested in learning more about some of my other writings, feel free to let me know in an email.

I have always been intrigued by the magical world surrounding each of us. My novels are influenced by the incredible beauty of nature, the vastness of our world, and the psychological complexities between each of us. I grew up reading and writing and enjoying books from multiple genres. I fixate on one genre for a while, then switch to something new.

I was born and raised in Colorado and lived there until life took me to explore another country and later start college. My wife and family now live in Utah, which is very similar to Utah and slightly less crowded. I deeply love nature, mountains, oceans, and the sense of adventure that awaits us each time we step outside.

I began writing in high school and couldn’t put a book down for many years. I had to force myself to stop reading as I went to college. (Mostly) I have a degree in Biology with a minor in French. I continued with my Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies, and I have worked for 15 years in the medical field, correctional medicine.

You can visit me on Twitter (@LScottClark) or Instagram (@lscottclarkauthor) and TikTok.

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