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Book Reviews for Pool of Sorrows

Here are a few of the Reviews for – Pool of Sorrows – Book 4 in the Sorcerer’s Guide Series.

As always, I really appreciate the reviews I receive from fans, reviewers, and readers. These are so helpful in the writing process, and they help others get a look at what the books are about. This is especially important as the series continues. It helps those thinking about picking up the series to wonder if they should. Thank you so much!!!

5 Star Review by K.C. Finn

Pool of Sorrows: An Elemental Magic Rivalry is a work of fiction in the epic fantasy, adventure, and magic subgenres, and forms the fourth novel in The Sorcerer’s Guide book series. Penned by author L. Scott Clark, the work can be enjoyed by both young adult and adult audiences alike. Jet Black, the protagonist, embarks on a journey to Dillon Lake with the hope of forging new alliances and uncovering vital information. However, nothing goes according to plan, especially with Shane Fallon and the Runics determined to see him fail.

Author L. Scott Clark has crafted a deeply engaging tale of conflict, rivalry, and the relentless pursuit of power. Jet’s struggle to balance the pressure of finding missing magical books, searching for the ancient artifact known as the Phoenix, and dealing with opposition from various quarters adds complexities to the story that really push the character to his limits, allowing fans of the series to see him tested like never before. The emotional rollercoaster he experiences, including unimaginable grief, creates a powerful connection with the reader that is fully explored through Clark’s impressive command of dialogue and thought presentation. I was also deeply impressed by the way the work explores the theme of sadness as a potent force, capable of motivating or paralyzing individuals. The book’s dark and suspenseful atmosphere keeps readers engaged throughout, and I was impressed with Clark’s commitment to consistent lore and description in the story world that makes it all feel so real. Overall, Pool of Sorrows delivers a compelling narrative that leaves readers eager for more. It’s a story that reminds us how not all endings are fairytales, and the battle for magic is far from over, making it a fantastic addition to what promises to be a truly thrilling ongoing series.


5 Star Review by Asher Syed

Pool of Sorrows by L. Scott Clark opens with a harrowing escape and Jet Black and his friends’ return to Dillon Lake, where Karl Middlesex aims to unite the five magical schools. Jet faces danger in an underground cavern battle, and a murder investigation reveals his and Shane’s magical abilities, hinting at collaboration between Chadwick and Dillon Lake. A Brotherhood meeting and an explosion raise questions about motives. Jet prepares to depart for Illustina, leaving instructions for his friends. They meet the Nagusta sisters, descendants of Queen Aurora, who guide them to the Lagoon of the Arches. They eventually find themselves in Illustina’s Shrine of Perth, escaping through a portal. Observing changes in Illustina’s landscape, they must make crucial decisions as they continue their quest, aware of growing dangers and adversaries.

There are a ton of moving pieces in Pool of Sorrows: An Elemental Magic Rivalry, the fourth book in The Sorcerer’s Guide series by L. Scott Clark, and breaking it down to the most basic parts is difficult. Thankfully, readers who have come this far will know where we are, and I was once again impressed by the imagination of the author and the full-throttle pacing of the story in this installment. What sets the series apart is that Clark does not skimp on the fact that Jet and his friends are kids. Teens, but kids. They have crushes and emotional turmoil beyond their task of stopping complete destruction and annihilation. For heaven’s sake, prom is coming! It may sound small, but to a teen and YA audience, it makes them all relatable. The storytelling and writing are as superb as always, and the book ties up a lot of loose ends but leaves plenty of room for more adventure. I look forward to seeing where Clark portals us next.


5 Star Review by Liz Konkel

Pool of Sorrows by L. Scott Clark is the fourth book in the Elemental Magic Rivalry series. Jet returns for a new adventure with his closest friends and allies to head to Dillion Lake. Nothing comes easy as Shane Fallon’s diabolical plan threatens to derail Jet’s quest. As if this wasn’t enough for him to deal with, he’s facing added pressure to locate magic books and to track down the next piece they need. Neither task will be simple as he faces unexpected grief and quickly learns that he will have to make a decision that not everyone will support. The possibility of Arisol’s release grows closer as the students gain more control over magic and Jet faces his toughest challenge yet.

The series continues Jet’s journey as a hero with him more aware of what it means to be a leader and the responsibilities that are put on him. However, this doesn’t detract from the obstacles that he faces or lower the stakes of the danger that awaits him. The plot dives directly into the action, drawing you back into the world that L. Scott Clark has created. This keeps the pace fast and continuously built to keep you invested. Similar to the other stories in the series, the adventure revolves around a specific goal which also serves as the catalyst for the events to occur. This structure is reflective of a hero’s journey like that of King Arthur, which blends well with the coming-of-age arc that Jet has been dealing with from the start. Real stakes can be found throughout, giving the adventure dangers with deaths, monsters, and a quest.

The blend of magical elements helps to establish the aesthetic of the world. The setting is grounded by the characters whose dynamics are an important element and help to show him in the position of a hero. The friendships are realistically portrayed with friction and support between them that stems from elements of growing up such as teamwork and jealousy. Each friend plays an important role in Jet’s adventure as they help to keep him on the right path. Shane Fallon continues to be a worthy adversary to Jet with key moments throughout that keep the overall plot of the series moving forward. Pool of Sorrows continues to build upon the world that Clark has created with another adventure with more danger, excitement, friendship, and magic.


5 Star Review by Anne-Marie Reynolds

Gravity of Deceit: An Elemental Magic Quest by L. Scott Clark is book 3 in The Sorcerer’s Guide series. Jet Black is still learning how to use elemental magic but, as he returns to school after escaping Svalbard Island, things are about to change in a big way. The school’s leadership has changed, thanks to the Runics and Shane Fallon, and it’s now down to Jet and his friends to free Grantham, Jayco, and other friends and allies. Only then can things change for the better, but first they must find the third piece of the Phoenix. Jet has the first two and the remaining four parts are hidden. The Elementals and the Runics are now hot on the trail but there can only be one winner. Who will triumph in the battle? Will Jet’s friends continue to help him or will Shane get there first?

Gravity of Deceit: An Elemental Magic Quest by L. Scott Clark is a fun urban magic story with an intense plot. It’s the third in the series and should be read as part of the whole series, rather than a standalone book. The writing is descriptive, transporting you straight into a wonderful world of fantasy and magic, and filled with humor. The characters are well-developed and we meet some new ones along with old friends from the first two books, with the rivalry between the two main camps continuing to grow. None of the characters is perfect, which makes them all the more real and easily relatable. With a little romance thrown in for good measure, the plot is full of action, with plenty of suspense along the way. A great story, looking forward to the next in the series.


5 Star Review by Jamie Michele

From the beginning of the series that launched Pool of Sorrows: An Elemental Magic Rivalry by L. Scott Clark, 16-year-old Jet Black enters an ancient magical ritual, guided by a sentient book, to find the concealed Phoenix relic and thwart the demon prince Arisol’s escape, all while convincing friends that magic exists. Next, amid an impending war, Jet faces obstacles and more sinister threats. Obtaining the second tablet piece is crucial, but he must outpace Shane Fallon while Chadwick’s Boarding School is under siege. Following this, Jet returns to a transformed Chadwick’s school after escaping Svalbard Island. Facing a Runics rebellion, he seeks the third Phoenix piece and hidden beaches for balance. In this installment, back at Dillon Lake, a desire to coalesce the five schools is presented. Following a battle, an investigation, and dangerous clandestine meetings, Jet prepares to leave for Illustina, meeting the Nagusta sisters and grappling with the uncertain fate of their allies and the elemental puzzle pieces.

Pool of Sorrows is book four in The Sorcerer’s Guide, and if you think this might be one of those sloggy middle books in a series, think again. L. Scott Clark writes another exhilarating journey with a richly developed cast of characters, each possessing distinct personalities and abilities. Jet’s strategic thinking shines in an underground cavern battle as his character grows. The world-building is outstanding, and I especially loved the mystical Illustina, where clear descriptions of the landscape and creatures like the Chupovanas create an immersive experience. Clark skillfully maintains tension and urgency throughout the story, culminating with a thrilling battle against the Razors and Ratas. What truly distinguishes this book is its ability to blend complex characters, magical elements, and a suspenseful plot, creating an unputdownable read that will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next installment.


5 Star Review by Olga Markova

The Sorcerer’s Guide: Pool of Sorrows by L. Scott Clark takes us to the world of magic. First, we witness a magical ship battle led by Jet Black, a student of Elemental Magic, against otherworldly underwater creatures. As the story unfolds, this battle transpires to be only one of many magical perils Jet and his friends will encounter on their mission to find the missing parts of the tablet of Phoenix. These missing magical artifacts are scattered around the world, and finding them is crucial to control Arisol, the demon prince. Only Jet and his rivals, the students of Runic magic, can find these missing pieces. But before they accomplish this mission, Jet is unexpectedly mandated to find the three missing books of magic. Will Jet and his friends succeed?

The Sorcerer’s Guide: Pool of Sorrows by L. Scott Clark is an enchanting work of fantasy fiction overflowing with magic. Magical spells, magical otherworldly creatures, and magical adventures drive the plot. Reading this story, I felt like I was watching a fascinating film with breathtaking stunts often taking me by surprise. I liked how the plot mirrors the title, how well-developed the characters are, the perilous adventures of Jet and his friends, and the unexpected ending. I also liked the clean but complex romance fueling the relationships in Jet’s team. But most of all, I liked the thought-provoking wisdom in the episodes of Jet’s decision-making. This YA fantasy will appeal to Harry Potter fans and to anyone who likes magical adventures.


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