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Author L. Scott Clark has written 4 books as part of the series The Sorcerer’s Guide. This YA Fantasy Series is intended for 7 primary books and possibly a few extras along the way.

There are several incredible themes, including Magic Realism, Adventure, Fantasy, Mythical Creatures, Romance, and more.

Please feel free to check out his books:

Path of the Phoenix – Book 1

Magic has been Reawakened.
A young boy is chosen, but is he strong enough?
A book will become a mentor.

Sixteen-year-old Jet Black wants nothing more than to be normal. He survived a natural disaster four years ago, that killed most of his hometown. Now he is starting his sophomore year at Chadwick’s Boarding School, only to learn that many of his problems have followed him. He must find the courage to reveal his darkest secrets to his friends.

Discovering a hidden book that only opens at his touch, Jet is forever changed. Faced with a choice of safety or adventure, he embarks on a journey that will stretch his limits, test his friendships, discover magic, and ultimately lead him on a path back to his beginnings.

Magic has been hidden and forgotten for centuries but can’t remain concealed forever. A countdown initiates the eventual release of an imprisoned demon that threatens the world. Jet and his closest friend must unite and travel the world to find missing artifacts, treasures, and so much more—but can they really stop a war?

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Soul of Anesidora – Book 2

A Mysterious Predator Hunts for Those with Magic.
Contests may be more than they appear.
Life may be nothing more than a Gift.

Ever since Jet Black discovered The Sorcerer’s Guide, a book with a mind of its own, he has uncovered Elemental magic, clashed with mythological creatures, and obtained the first piece of the Phoenix, an ancient artifact. Things are about to get much more complicated.

The road to the second missing piece is believed to be through South America, but once Jet and his friends land, they find obstacles at every turn. The signs are clear that Shane Fallon and his goons might have already beaten them to the location. The journey will be as unexpected as it will be dangerous.

War is on the horizon, but Jet’s promising development is about to come to a screeching halt. Plagued with roadblocks, dissension, and something far more sinister, he must learn to bear the weight of his new responsibilities while finding a way to keep his friends intact despite the presence of a new threat.

Making matters worse, Chadwick’s Boarding School is under attack, and Jet is forced to work with Shane to protect the school. The Brotherhood has its eye on Chadwick’s and all that is happening. The reality of Jet’s breakthroughs will be life-shattering, and the battles ahead will require that he be unbroken.

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Gravity of Deceit – Book 3

Deception can be seen in many diverse forms.
Evil hides in obscurity, biding its time.
The fallout can be disastrous.
Not everything is what it seems.

Chadwick’s Boarding school has changed over the last few months since Jet Black and his friends have discovered Elemental magic and how to use it. But things are about to transform like never before. Bringing in new teachers, new ideas, and an open campus willing to learn magic is breathtaking.

The Sorcerer’s Guide, an ancient magical book, continues to be a mentor for Jet Black, and there is so much to learn and understand. This book only opens at his touch, but it helps Jet navigate the complexities of a new magical world.

The Rivalry is peaking, and war is on the horizon, but so much remains hidden. Jet has collected two pieces of the Phoenix, an artifact that was broken into six fragments. Four parts remain, and Jet and his friends are trying to keep ahead of Jet’s nemesis, Shane Fallon, the leader of Runic magic.

Despite being healed through a gift while in the Antarctic, Jet still lacks a proper weapon. Magic can only protect him so far. He needs something special, and only a one-of-a-kind weapon will do. Jet is led to a popular destination, but he can’t accomplish his goals on his own.

The Runics and Elementals are called to the location of the third missing piece. What awaits them is mysterious and treacherous. Will either escape unscathed with the prize, treasures, and offerings available?

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Pool of Sorrows – Book 4


Finding the next piece of the missing artifact, the Phoenix, is paramount for Jet Black and his friends as they try to prevent a future war. But there is growing pressure from the other boarding schools, the Brotherhood, and even the Runics to discover the other missing magical books. The first visit to Dillon Lake has all the promises of discovering new alliances and uncovering the backstory of some of the most important players. The fallout from their trip is life-altering for some of the Echoes and even the Elementals. Shane Fallon plays both sides of the fence as he tries to gain the upper hand.

Just when things start to come together, the Elementals are separated, and Jet is forced to make the hard decisions. It becomes clear that not everyone is happy with his selections. The Elementals find chaos and destruction at every junction, as jealousy and greed become the driving forces behind some of their roadblocks.

Jet and a few friends travel to new locations to master old foes, repair evil intentions, and recover what was once lost. As bleak as things may seem at times, their bonding relationships, evolving abilities, and resolute determination push the group forward. Shane Fallon strives to deceive, disrupt, and destroy the Elementals at every turn.

No longer are magical capabilities limited to a few students, but wickedness is waiting and amassing in the shadows to ensure war takes place and Arisol, the demon prince, is released, stronger than ever.


Available In Different Formats

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