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Drekavac Demons: Diablitos and Vicerants

Drekavac Demons: Diablitos



The Razors are impressive beasts that are thin and fast, and they stand over six feet tall. They have two long legs and four arms that end with small sharp claws. They are remnants of ancient bugs and can adapt to their surroundings using camouflage. Razors primarily walk on their back two legs. They are almost made entirely of rock, are hairless, and can roll into a small boulder. They can jump, are agile, and are deadly.

Razors can communicate with their voices and croon a high-pitched song, causing some ancient creatures to sleep. Wind can move these smaller demons. Lightning, Fire, and Fear have no effect. They tend to unite with those who use Runic magic.



Ratas are thicker, almost stonelike creatures with a protective outer skin. They do not jump and are slower than Razors but incredibly strong. They have two hind legs and two massive arms and are slightly
shorter but three times thicker. Ratas’ protective back layer of rock enables them to roll themselves up into a large boulder and become almost indestructible. Their claws are like pinchers, like that of a crab.

Ratas are less adept at camouflage while moving but resemble rocks when curled up. They give off a low-pitched grumbling that keeps unwanted visitors from coming too close. Magic such as Fire, Wind, Earth, Lightning, and Fear have little effect on these demons.

Drekavac Demons: Vicerants



Pepracons are animals that use the sky to attack and kill. They are winged beasts, larger than a wolf, with four legs with two arms attached to wings. Most often, they sprint along the ground with ease and take flight into the air when attacking. They are entirely black with thick, matted fur, and their hind legs are thicker than their front legs. They have paws like a feline with razor-sharp claws. The wings are muscular, allowing for quick attacks with acrobatic movements, and can remain in the sky for up to an hour.

Pepracons live and sleep on the ground, under snow, in caves, or tucked away in trees. They use the air to escape, attack, forage for food or watchmen for the other Drekavac Demons. These flying killers skillfully attack with their powerful jaws and sharp claws. They are a combination of a gigantic bat and a feline. Pepracons have solid jaws and the ability to ambush, and they see perfectly in the dark. Fire, Lightning, and Fear have no effect on them.



Scorepos are diggers and movers through the ground, including rock and clay. They attack secretly from below and have narrow heads, which are nearly unbreakable. From there, the body enlarges, giving it the ability to maneuver through the ground faster than it can run. They have retractable pinchers inside their mouths to break apart rock. Scorepos are wingless and prefer to remain subterranean. They have six short legs with a large tail like a scorpion, and their body is segmented and long but muscular.

Scorepos have no pinchers, and instead, their hands have claws with the ability to grip. The tail is thicker and used for balance when above ground. The venom they unleash is a powerful sleep agent. When Scorepos are above ground, they use their hind four legs to propel the rest of their body into the air. Scorepos are intelligent and move with a hive-like mentality. They communicate with their queen, who has almost never been seen. They can hold weapons, such as bows and arrows, along with swords and can stand nearly five feet tall when up to their full height. Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire have little effect.

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