Medical Mystery – 1st Draft Finished

Certainly one of the better feelings is when you finish the first draft of a manuscript. This is only the second time I’ve experienced it. My first manuscript took 14 months to finish, another 12+ months to edit and it is currently with some professional editors.  I decided not to sit on my duff and wait impatiently as it was being worked on.

So, I started my second book in that series and started writing a medical mystery at the same time.  Initially, I would work on one book one day and switch to the other story the next.  It worked well, at least at first.

Soon I became so excited about my medical mystery that it took over my writing life. A mind of its own I’ll tell you!  Last night, I finished the first draft.  It took me just under 4 months to finish this book and today I’ll start the dreaded editing process. I’ve learned so much since my first book – which was overwritten by over 115,000 words.  OUCH!!

My goal for this book was 6 months to write 80,000 words.  I finished 2 months early. What a great feeling.

I’ve been asked so many times, “Is your book perfect.”  What a crazy question.  The answer is of course, YES. But perfection doesn’t mean that it is ready or that it will stay the same. It is perfect for the first draft. This is a lame way to answer the question – but really what else would I say.  The most important thing at these times is that it satisfies my expectations – it’s the first round and it is finished.

My writing is vastly improving the more I do it. It is a work in progress as is everything else in my life. The moment I become content, that’s when I’ve failed.

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