Mythical Creatures Known as the Chupovanas


These Mythical Creatures are well known to the inhabitants of Goth Airtha and especially if you have been gifted magic.  They are an evil pack destined to kill and steal the magic of the world.  They were once peaceful and tame creatures that became enthralled with magic and what it could do for them. Chupovanas are incredibly fast and unique to themselves. They are distinguishable by having one set of large horns with a third smaller horn that grows according to the amount of magic they have stolen.



Kee-Faux is an antlered deer that is proficient at killing others. He moves as fast as any other creature who has ever lived. He stands nearly ten feet tall, with long dangling arms, and he can fight and attack on his back two legs. Black fur covers its entire body. For even faster speed during far travels, the creature runs on all four legs. Kee-Faux is second in command.  He has fanged teeth like that of a shark, with two or three rows.

His head resembles that of a deer. The creature can detect movement but appears blind; his eyes are fully white without a pupil. He has one set of large deer antlers and a smaller single antler between the two. Legend states that this creature can shapeshift after it has engulfed a measure of magic, likely from two or more victims. More advanced than the others in the pack, Kee-Faux can communicate with words.



Taraqeu is a female feline beast that is impressive to behold. She is bigger than a lion, with an enormous head of jagged teeth. Her horns are thick, mostly smooth, and curve back towards her tail. There are dozens of tiny, sharp, thornlike pieces spread out on her horns. It would be impossible to sit on her back and grasp her horns.

She has a massive chest and a long torso. Her four legs allow for quick movement, but the most impressive part is that she can climb almost anything. She dives and lunges at her prey. Her fur is brown and gray and longer, like that of a raccoon.



These creatures are from the book series: The Sorcerer’s Guide and can be found in book 2 – Soul of Anesidora.  They have a vital part to play in the series and their involvement will continue to be seen.

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