Prologue Available for The Sorcerer’s Guide

Prologue to The Sorcerer’s Guide: Selective Amnesia

So excited to release my prologue exclusively for those who sign up for my Newsletter. This prologue takes place a few years before the start of Path of the Phoenix. It follows Jet Black as he first comes into contact with magic as his house and his hometown are destroyed.

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12-year-old Jet Black is about to discover a world of magic. A countdown to the release of a powerful demon is mere moments away. Jet gets his first taste of magic and how evil has a plan to destroy him.

The first in a series of natural disasters strike Silverton, Oregon – home of Jet Black and many of his friends. Will Jet be strong enough and smart enough to survive?

Series Summary

Selective Amnesia is the Prologue to The Sorcerer’s Guide Book Series. A YA fantasy series with magic, mythical creatures, adventure, war, and some romance.

Book 1: Path of the Phoenix – Jet Black, a 16-year-old boy, while at boarding school, must learn Elemental magic and discover the meaning of a series of natural disasters from a book that has a mind of its own.

Book 2: Soul of Anesidora – 16-year-old Jet Black uncovers the location of the second piece of the Phoenix while using his unusual book to find a way to stop mythical creatures bent on stealing magic.


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