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Welcome to the ultimate destination for signed books for The Sorcerer’s Guide series by author L. Scott Clark. Explore our collection of signed books for both paperback and hardcover.  Please select from below and follow the link.

This page is focused for those who want signed copies rather than ones that can be found through Amazon, or Audiobooks. This can be a paperback or hardcover. Please feel free to contact me!!

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Path of the Phoenix

Jet Black, a 16-year-old boy, while at boarding school, must learn elemental magic and discover the meaning of a series of natural disasters from a book that has a mind of its own.




Soul of Anesidora

Jet Black uncovers the location of the second piece of the Phoenix but must use his magical book to find a way to stop mythical creatures bent on stealing magic.

Paperback  – Link




Gravity of Phoenix

Jet Black returns to school after a harrowing escape from Svalbard Island, only to find that Chadwick’s is in full upheaval and duplicity is at every corner.

Paperback – Link

Hardcover – Link




Pool of Sorrows

(Coming Soon)

Finding the next piece of the missing artifact, the Phoenix, is paramount for Jet Black and his friends as they try to prevent a future war. But there is growing pressure from the other boarding schools, the Brotherhood, and even the Runics to discover the other missing magical books.