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A Mysterious Predator Hunts for Those with Magic. Life may be nothing more than a Gift.

Since Jet Black discovered The Sorcerer’s Guide, a book with a mind of its own, he has uncovered Elemental magic, clashed with mythological creatures, and obtained the first tablet piece of the Phoenix.

Jet has only scratched the surface of the new magical world around him. War is on the horizon, but his promising development is about to come to a screeching halt. Plagued with roadblocks, dissension, and something far more sinister, he must achieve the impossible.

Acquiring the second tablet piece is vital for their success but can Jet and his friends beat Shane Fallon to the location? The journey will be as unexpected as it will be dangerous.

To make matters worse, Chadwicks Boarding School is under attack, and Jet doesn’t know if he is strong enough to survive. The reality of his breakthroughs will be life-shattering, and the battles ahead require that he be unbroken.

Soul of Anesidora is the second book in the series The Sorcerer’s Guide.


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