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Are you using Concept Art?

Concept art has been an area that I really wanted to explore over the last month or so. Turns out, it is far harder than I thought to get started with this area of my book.  I absolutely love my cover and wanted to get additional pictures and ideas that would both help on my website and on social media. That’s when I started looking at concept art. So, let’s take a more in-depth look at this topic.

What is Concept Art?

A concept artist takes an initial idea for a particular element of a project. In my case, my project is my book. But this could be so much more than just a book – such as a game, an idea, an animated film, a video game, and much more. The artist takes the idea such as a character, a scene, weapon, building, location and creates a design for it.

It is important to understand that this isn’t necessarily bringing the elements or ideas to life through animation or visual effects. The goal is to create an artistic version for that piece of the project.

To do this, you may choose an artist that only does black and white – such as a sketch or you might find someone through or even I’ve checked out both locations and there is some unbelievable talent out there.

Why is it Important?

I see the characters, images, and scenes of my book inside my head. I would love to have other people see the same images. This opportunity to involve an artistic touch can provide valuable marketing, exposure, and giveaways to your readers and those interested in your product.

When you establish a look and feel from the book, I believe that it will draw in more readers to understand why you used a concept such as a fantastical creature or a specific scene. There are so many benefits to using Concept Art.

These pieces can be shared on Pinterest, on your website, on Facebook, on Instagram, and much more.

I have recently commissioned my first piece and am excited about the possibilities.

Types of Concept Artists

Some artists have skills in one area over another and they may specialize. This can give them an advantage when it comes to the design process.

Others, love to do everything. These types of artists have amazing skills and can create masterpieces with only a few instructions. The process can be long and often there is a level of communication between the artist and the commissioner.

1.) Character Concept Artist

2.)  Animal or Creature Concept Artist

3.)  Equipment Concept Artist

4.)  Vehicle Concept Artist

5.)  World-Building Concept Artist

6.)  And more

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