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Beta Readers and Moving Forward

As I write this post, I reflect on the writing journey I have gone through to get to this point. I am working on a few different writing projects. Each one, I wish, I could finish immediately and be ready to publish. Fortunately and unfortunately, that is not the case. Its time to dive into a new area of writing – Beta Readers and Moving Forward.

The journey seems to be the amazing part. I work hard to write, edit, rewrite, change, and edit again. This seems to be the general process of everything I do. I have tried some different techniques with my more recent projects.

I have decided to take a huge leap and to start with some Beta Readers. My main project is getting to the point that it needs to be shelved or self-published. I am strongly looking into self-publishing.

I have sent my query letter out several times and I have a handful of rejection letters. Some are helpful, but most are just general rejections. Often I get, “great writing” however not a great fit. Others have indicated that my tropes are too “well used”. For this reason, I am looking at self-publishing. It would be hard, after so much work, to shelve this project. I’ve absolutely loved writing it.

Beta readers will help (hopefully) make sure my story is ready to publish. I could spend the next thirty years editing small aspects of this book. I am not sure how anyone could feel that their book was perfectly ready to be published.

Over the past several years my WIP – The Path of the Phoenix – has endured many changes.

They are as follows:

1.) Started with over 350,000 words

2.) 64 different edits

3.) 3 different complete rewrites

4.) 2 different editors (these are who suggested the rewrites)

5.) 10 different query letters

6.) 3 different titles

7.) And a bunch more changes


I am excited about the prospect of holding a book that I wrote. It is exciting. I have been worried that somehow Self-publishing one book will hurt me in my future endeavors. Unsure if this is true, but I am willing to take a chance.

I’ve watched several videos and it will be a process. It isn’t something that can be done in a few weeks. That is exciting. I am looking forward to the Cover design and Formatting processes. Wish me luck.

Beta Readers

I naturally think the next step to my writing is beta readers. I’ve gone through the book many different times. I’ve paid others to help review, edit, and more. It’s time to put the book into the hands of those who enjoy reading about fantasy and magic. I am pretty nervous but at the same time, ready to get some “real” feedback.

I’ve given my beta readers about a month and have asked them to answer a few questions. Largely about the plot, my magic system, characters, and overall – like or dislike. I didn’t want to make it too complicated. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens.

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