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A Quest to Discover Elemental Magic is about to begin…

Path of the Phoenix by Author L. Scott Clark is the first book of the YA Urban Fantasy Series entitled The Sorcerer’s Guide

Magic has been hidden and forgotten for centuries, but it can’t remain concealed forever. A countdown of destruction initiates the eventual release of an imprisoned demon that threatens the world. A young boy is chosen, but will he be strong enough to survive?


16-year-old Jet Black wants nothing more than to be normal. Four years ago, he survived a natural disaster that killed most of his hometown. Now he is starting his Sophomore year at Chadwick’s boarding school, only to learn that many of his problems have followed him. He must find the courage to reveal his darkest secrets to his friends.


Discovering a hidden book that only opens at his touch, Jet is forever changed. Faced with a choice of safety or adventure, he embarks on a journey that will stretch his abilities, test his friendships, discover magic, and ultimately lead him on a path back to his beginnings.


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L. Scott Clark
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This is the first book in a series of 7. Book 4 was recently published in 2023. Get ready for the next 3 books in 2024.


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