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My Book is at Barnes & Noble Orem

Barnes & Noble in Orem has a shelf for local authors and recently I spoke with them and they agreed to take my first book – Path of the Phoenix – paperback with the anticipation that I will also bring in the second book – Soul of Anesidora as soon as possible.

I really believe that getting an indie book in Barnes & Noble is a dream of all authors. This certainly isn’t the only goal I have but seeing my book on the shelf is pretty incredible.

Barnes & Noble is a different form of marketing. Amazon has a significant amount of items that can be seen through key words, similar books, or advertising. A bookstore has dozens and dozens of shoppers walking around looking for books. This is when the cover becomes one of your best assets. I really love the cover for my first and second books.

I have already sold several copies and will need to bring in more books this week. I’m wating for some of my author copies for Soul of Anesidora to arrive and will drop those off soon.

When I was there earlier this week, someone was walking by when I was signing the books. She started gushing that she had never seen an author sign a copy of the book. I think she was one who purchased a copy.

The store manager began talking about having a book signing day and this is very intriguing as well. I’ve never done a book signing but this will certainly be something that I would be willing to do.


  • Bruce

    Found your Books while picking up a procrastinated book for my kids. Saw them on the “Locals Authors” and bought both. Fun read almost done with Soul of Anesidora and will then non-patiently wait for Book 3.

    • L. Scott Clark

      That’s incredible. Thank you so much. I can add you to my Newsletter and you can get the exclusive Prologue as well. Book Three is almost completely written (first draft) and just about in the editing process.

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