What Pushes You to Write?

I have really been struggling over the last few months. Work has been crazy busy and difficult. I sent my manuscript to a second editor. The first editor recommended I change away from NA and switch to YA. My characters would be better if they were in high school. This entailed a huge rewrite of my first manuscript.

It has come full circle and I finished the rewrite, but it was a tough pill to swallow. Once I finished the rewrite, I sent it to a second editor. From that point, I have taken a break from writing for a few months. Sometimes I feel like I’m pushing against the impossible. I mean really, what are my chances of getting an agent?  At least that is what I was thinking a few months ago.

But now, I’m starting to remember why I write. Of course, I want to be published…but, I really enjoy writing.

I am always motivated and I enjoy the creative aspect of writing. It fills me with happiness to put a creative thought on paper – or my word document. I love getting lost in the story in my mind. I may never be published, that’s fine. But, I am not going to stop trying.

In the end, I write for me.  It is fun and a way to express myself. If my only goal is to be published or make money than I could be in trouble. The good thing, being published is only one of my goals.

So I decided to come up with several reasons why I write:

1.) Because I can.

2.) I want to change the world – some authors have been so blessed to write something that actually changes the world, even stopping it at times.  Who wouldn’t want this?

3.) I want something my kids can be proud of.

4.) The story is in my mind, I just need to get it out.

5.) I love to learn, I love to improve.

6.) I have a dream of getting published.

7.) I want to make money.

8.) I want to see my book on the shelves of a bookstore.

9.) It is such a blast to do.  (Most of the time)

10.) It is far better than editing.

Feel free to add your own reasons to write.  It is an amazing thing to do. What motivates you?

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