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Audiobook for Path of the Phoenix is Now Available

I am pleased to announce that the Audiobook for Path of the Phoenix is now available. It has been a wonderful experience working with Findaway Voices during this process.  The Narrator is Kevin Rineer and he did a wonderful job with the characters and voices. It was such a smooth and exciting process.

Audiobooks are another great avenue to listen to a book rather than read. It is a very good experience if you are busy and many individuals love to hear the voices in addition to reading the words out of a book.

Spoken books are especially great for younger audiences and those at Libraries and schools.

My experience with this audiobook was unique and fun. I downloaded the book and there was an audition where every reader read my book for about a page or so. I really connected with Kevin’s voice and he was my first choice the entire time.

Kevin was great to work with. When Kevin was ready to start, he worked quickly. I listened to every track and provided minimal feedback. I loved the different voices that he provided. Overall, I am really happy and excited about this audiobook.  I really hope Kevin is available for book #2.


Here are a few links to the Audiobook:

1.) – Link to Audiobook

2.) – Link to Audiobook

3.)  Google Play – Link to Audiobook

4.) – Link to Audiobook

5.) – Link to Audiobook



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