Book # 2 – The Sorcerer’s Guide

Book # 2 – The Sorcerer’s Guide

I am excited at the progression of Book #2, and I am pretty close to choosing a title for this book. I think I will need a few more chapters to make sure that this is where the book is going.

As a discovery writer and I often let the characters determine where the story goes. This might sound strange but I outline very little on the book. That means, it can take some twists and turns that are unexpected.

This happened with Book #2. Something totally surprising happened in the first chapter that totally changed the entire series. It is so exciting and fun to watch the changes unfold. It also doesn’t cause me much stress because I didn’t have a specific outline to follow.

Right now, The Sorcerer’s Guide is anticipated to be a 6 book series with a few Novellas. I have some of the basics for each book and a general idea of the ending. But otherwise, anything is game.

I am about 48,000 words finished with Book #2 for The Sorcerer’s Guide – which is approximately 15 chapters. Path of the Phoenix (Book 1) was about 105,000 words after it was finished.  If things go as I am hoping, I will be finished with the first draft in the next few months. I wish I could finish a book in 1 or 2 months but am extremely pleased with how things are going. For me, editing will take another 2-3 months and then the book will be sent to my editor.

I absolutely love the process of writing. I’ve heard that Book 2 is hard to write because you have to get the reader to remember book 1 while moving the story forward. I am hoping that I was successful at doing this well enough.

Themes of Book 2  (so far)

–  Magic parameters are expanded

–  Finding more tablet pieces

–  Friendships are strained

–  New characters are introduced

–  Flashbacks to explain Jet’s parents, magic, and more

–  An amazing adventure


I hope to provide another update in the next month or so.


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