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Book 4 in The Sorcerer’s Guide Series

As the clock turns over to 2023, I am excited to announce the first draft of Book 4 is finished, and the editing process has begun. Haha!! This is not a post about a new baby!! I have had several asked based on the initial photo!!!

Back to the editing stage. I love it…mostly! This is a difficult process, and sometimes it is a slower process than writing. At first, I never would have understood this. Now that I am actually doing it, I totally understand. With that being said, I’ve read and seen several other authors who get through the process in a week or two, and I am totally jealous.

Writing the 4th book has been a great experience. As with Books 1-3, there is a lot of magic, additional and complex characters, and ongoing progression to war. Three of the pieces of the Phoenix have been discovered, and book 4 has the intent to discover the 4th piece. There are additional scenes, problems, and new challenges.

There will be 7 books in this series, and this means that I am halfway done writing the primary story. There will be a half dozen side stories or novellas, and I am extremely excited about these as well. I’ve started a few already, but it is hard to do everything that I have planned. There is also a prologue – Selective Amnesia, that is already finished and can be downloaded as part of my Newsletter.

I am transitioning some of my time to marketing, creating a better newsletter, and creating an ARC team. If this is something that you would be interested in joining, please let me know.

Until next time…..

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