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Coming Soon – Book Cover Reveal for Book#2


One of the most exciting parts of being an Indie Author is the Book Cover Reveal.  I am excited to announce that I will be revealing my newest book on October 22nd.  This will include Cover and Title.

It has been increasingly clear that the book cover is one of the most important marketing tools an author has to showcase his/her work.

It is also a great moment to give a huge shoutout to my book cover artist, who did another great job.  Check out Miblart. They are seriously awesome and can do much more than just book covers.

The Sorcerer’s Guide is the series title and Book 1 – Path of the Phoenix was released back on Feb 16th, 2021.  To say that I have been pleased and happy about my first book cover would be an understatement. Miblart was so easy and treat to work with. They really captured what I was thinking in my head. Over the last several months, so many fellow authors, readers, and others have expressed to me how much they like my first book cover.

I am extremely happy with how the cover turned out. Book two has been going through the final stages of editing and Beta reading and that means we are hoping to have Book 2 release before the end of the year.

For those who are signed up for my newsletter – you’ll get a sneak peek at the Cover Reveal a few days before it is set to be released on Social Media.  This is a shameless plug to sign up from my newsletter for up-to-date information and other benefits.



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