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Cover Reveal for Book 2 of the Series: The Sorcerer’s Guide

Book 2 of the series The Sorcerer’s Guide

The adventure of Jet Black continues as he learns more about Elemental Magic and the world around him in Book 2 of The Sorcerer’s Guide. Book 2 is entitled Soul of Anesidora.  This series is a YA Fantasy with Magic, Fantastic Creatures, Swords, and Adventure.

Additionally, we are proud to show the cover for Soul of Anesidora with an expected release day in later November 2021 or early December. Stay tuned for more information.

L. Scott Clark is closely working with Obsidian Wolf Publishing to bring out this second book.  We would also like to give a huge shout-out to Miblart for providing such a great second book cover.


Back of the Book Blurb:


A Mysterious Predator Hunts for Those with Magic.

Life may be nothing more than a Gift.


Since Jet Black’s discovery of The Sorcerer’s Guide, a book with a mind of its own, he has learned about Elemental Magic, fought mythological creatures, and found the first missing tablet piece called the Phoenix.

Now, everything Jet has come to know is falling apart around him. He must absorb all he can about Elemental versus Runic Magic. The war ahead requires that he be unbroken.

The location of the second piece of the Phoenix has been discovered. The journey will be dangerous. The reality of Jet’s discoveries will be life-shattering.

To make matters worse, Chadwicks Boarding School is under attack—who can really be trusted? He can’t be certain!


Soul of Anesidora



Life-shattering discoveries by Jet Black about magic and his past will call into question everything he knows as he races against time to learn why a predator stalks Chadwicks Boarding School.


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Book 1:  Path of the Phoenix is also available.

16-year-old Jet Black must learn elemental magic and discover the meaning of a series of natural disasters from a book with a mind of its own. Path of the Phoenix by L. Scott Clark is a YA Fantasy.

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