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First 5 Star Review

L. Scott Clark received his second review from Readers’ Favorite. This time he earned his first 5-star review for his debut novel – Path of the Phoenix – Book 1 for the series The Sorcerer’s Guide.

5 Star Review by K.C. Finn

Path of the Phoenix is a work of fiction in the fantasy, boarding school drama, and adventure sub-genres, and was penned by author L. Scott Clark. The work is intended for the young adult reading audience, and it forms the first novel in The Sorcerer’s Guide series. Our protagonist is Jet Black, a sixteen-year-old who strives for normality, but whose new adventures at Chadwick’s boarding school are already set for trouble. When Jet discovers the forgotten secrets of long-lost magic, so begins an incredible adventure that will put everything he’s ever known to the test, and help him to discover that not being normal might be a blessing after all.

Author L. Scott Clark has crafted a superbly engaging work of fiction with plenty of magical innovation, hidden secrets, and high drama to offer readers. From the perspective of the young adult audience, this work really delivers a plethora of new things for readers to discover and with no long, drawn-out breaks or overly complex exposition in its plot. The work flows naturally from each situation that Jet finds himself stuck in, with empathetic characters and engaging friends and enemies in the well-crafted boarding school setting. I also felt that the conclusion was suitably big and exciting for a first novel whilst also offering a promising concept to continue a series with hereafter. Overall, I would highly recommend Path of the Phoenix to fans of atmospheric magical settings, fast-paced adventure stories, and for YA fantasy readers everywhere.

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