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Huge Announcement – Book Cover Reveal

Upcoming Book Cover Reveal

As a debut author – I have been waiting years for this day – to be able to announce that next Wednesday – January 27th – I will be revealing my Book Cover in anticipation of the release of my debut novel – Path of the Phoenixin February of 2021 with Obsidian Wolf Publishing. (Assuming all plans continue forward).

For the last 6 weeks, I have been trying to find the best cover possible to match my vision of my first book. I am so excited to say that I was successful but it was far from easy.

In every industry, there are things that go smoothly and things that require better planning, management, and follow-through. Regardless of circumstance, communication is the KEY to finding a good product, a good team, and help from those with more experience. As I began my search for a book cover artist – I searched the internet, youtube, Facebook, and more in search of the perfect person or company.

When I started, I wasn’t sure what I wanted my book to look like. Much like my first draft of the writing, I just went with the flow. As the process unfolded, I began receiving ideas and pictures that helped shape my vision of what I wanted the cover to look like. It took weeks to finally find the right company and become satisfied with the results.

Last week, when I opened the email with two different book cover options, I just about lost my mind and started jumping in the air. Both options were perfect and it was difficult to just pick one. After all the ups and downs, I feel that I have found the perfect cover for my book. I know I am a debut author – with a small following – but I hope you can get slightly excited for me along the way. Thanks for joining in this adventure.

Thank you to all those beta readers, editors, formatting experts, those who reviewed by the back of book blurb, and more. This has been an awesome ride.

Stay tuned……

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