The Search for a Book Cover

I have heard time and time again that the Book Cover is the single best piece of marketing that can be done, to help readers to pick up your book. Yikes, that is totally scary. Can you imagine writing an amazing book only to have it remain unread due to the lack of a good book cover?

Very Excited about the Book Cover

Of everything that I have done so far in my attempts at self-publishing, I am the most nervous about the book cover. Granted, I have spent a large amount of time writing and editing and changing the words on the pages, but still, the cover is what everyone sees. I can imagine that after the book comes out, I will start worrying again about the words on the pages, especially if it isn’t well-liked.

For the last few months, I have been on the search for the perfect person to create my book cover. It became clear early on that this was something that I could not do myself. I have little photoshopping skills and even fewer formatting skills. The first place I started gathering information was through readings several blogs and watching Youtube videos. I finally came up with someone that I hope will make an exciting book cover.

It contacting a few different COVER artists to finally begin the process of getting my own book cover produced. The process thus far has been pretty basic. First, I sent over a picture of my main character and dozens of important aspects of my book. I also sent over several book covers that I personally like looking at. Now, the waiting game beings. I’ll try to be patient – not sure that is possible.

Here is the picture of my main character – at least in my head


I am really excited for the next few weeks as I finish my back of book blurb and other pages. My beta readers and other tasks are coming to a close. It doesn’t mean that I am close to publishing, but I really love how things have gone this far.

Check out the new Website for the book:  SORCERER’S GUIDE

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