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Release Day – Gravity of Deceit

Release Day for Gravity of Deceit – the 3rd book by L. Scott Clark in the series The Sorcerer’s Guide.

Book 3 picks up where book 2 left off. After Jet and Seyanna traveled to Svalbard Island, they find themselves in the unlikeliest of locations. It takes a huge battle and a long trip to return to Chadwick’s boarding school. When Jet and Seyanna arrived, they find that the school has undergone some changes. New players have emerged as possible adversaries, but there are also new allies.

For the first time, magic will be taught at Chadwick’s boarding school. The students will learn some defensive movements, swordplay, and much more.

Jet feels nearly complete, but he needs something else. Jet convinces his friends to travel with him to a most desirable travel location, and they find something unexpected.

The excitement for Book 3 will keep you on your edge, guessing at every chapter who could be plotting against Jet and his friends. Enjoy Gravity of Deceit.


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Back Cover Blurb

Deception can be seen in many diverse forms.

Evil hides in obscurity, biding its time.

The fallout can be disastrous.

Not everything is what it seems.


Chadwick’s Boarding school has changed over the last few months since Jet Black and his friends have discovered Elemental magic and how to use it. But things are about to transform like never before. Bringing in new teachers, new ideas, and an open campus willing to learn magic is breathtaking.

The Sorcerer’s Guide, an ancient magical book, continues to be a mentor for Jet Black, and there is so much to learn and understand. This book only opens at his touch, but it helps Jet navigate the complexities of a new magical world.

The Rivalry is peaking, and war is on the horizon, but so much remains hidden. Jet has collected two pieces of the Phoenix, an artifact that was broken into six fragments. Four parts remain, and Jet and his friends are trying to keep ahead of Jet’s nemesis, Shane Fallon, the leader of Runic magic.

Despite being healed through a gift while in the Antarctic, Jet still lacks a proper weapon. Magic can only protect him so far. He needs something special, and only a one-of-a-kind weapon will do. Jet is led to a popular destination, but he can’t accomplish his goals on his own.

The Runics and Elementals are called to the location of the third missing piece. What awaits them is mysterious and treacherous. Will either escape unscathed with the prize, treasures, and offerings available?

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