The Importance of a Book Review

As a self-published author trying to get my book into the wide world of Entertainment, it seems that there are some obvious roadblocks.  There are hundreds and thousands of books that are published every year and each author wants to be successful. The term successful is different for each author.

Success on Amazon appears to be directly correlated with Book Reviews. The algorithm is not exactly clear, but books that have more reviews, seem to get better placement in Amazon’s eyes (or so I’ve been told).

There are two main types of book reviews.

1.) The Traditional Review

2.) The Consumer’s Review

The Traditional Review – is the review that every new author wants. . . a review by someone famous in the author community.

This type of review is often placed on the front or back cover and tells the readers that someone important may or may not have read this book. This type of review does not help your placement on Amazon.

The Consumer’s Review – is the review of those who have actually read the book and can leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads and can give up to 5-star approval and even say a few words

These types of reviews are golden. They tell the consumers that this book, item, or whatever it is…is worth the money. Amazon loves these reviews.

Asking for a review

As a new author, asking for a review feels like invading someone’s privacy and asking for free food. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. I hope that this will be something that gets easier with time. I don’t want to assume someone is going to buy my book. Maybe that is why a free book and a review are a good option but Amazon doesn’t like that either. They see it as paying for a free review. I can understand. . . but what is an author supposed to do?

Food for Thought

Have you ever asked for a review?

Do you freely give reviews?

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