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Writing Contest and NaNoWriMo

As much as I wanted to participate this year in NaNoWriMo – its a no go.  This is always a great time of year to write without restrictions. But alas, an early family Thanksgiving and a rigorous medical conference in California meant that within 10 days – we drove over 5,000 miles.  It was a lot of in the car, out of the car, sleep where you could fun.  Not sure that I would want to do that again.

On the first half of the trip I was able to edit a friend of mine’s 1st chapter.  The second half I edited chapters 2-5.  I also was able to work out a synopsis for my medical mystery.  Just yesterday I entered a competition that I love – Pikes Peak Writing Contest.

Just under 400 people entered next year’s contest and many attend a conference held in Colorado Springs. The next conference is already scheduled and I’m already picking through the literary agents and who to stalk.  (Just kidding – no stalking done here…hehe)

The contest is 1250 word synopsis and the first 4,000 words of the manuscript. The friend who I edited for is also entering the contest. The unique and amazing part of this contest is the feedback that you get. This is really the key for me. It tells me if one, my writing is getting better and two – if the story makes sense.

I’m still working on the second and third rounds of edits to my medical mystery by the end of the year. [or sooner] I can’t wait until I can get back to work on my fantasy project. It really needs a revamping and I am getting more and more excited to start. I really love writing and I want to love getting published – but that is a long way off.  So to everybody that is working on NaNoWriMo – good luck!

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